Dear that’s what she said jokes,

I will ALWAYS laugh at a good that’s what she said joke. But no matter how perverted your mind is, you have to admit that the line is getting tired. IT IS A CLASSIC. But sometimes you just wanna hit the guy that says it.


I have put a new (terribly obnoxious) twist on this joke. My mother officially hates it, but it makes me giggle, so I am here to share it with you: I say it to things that make absolutely NO SENSE. You’re probably thinking, “That’s not funny at all.” And you’re right… at first.

It all started on a family vacation when I had a few drinks and was raring to drop the infamous line. So I might’ve jumped the gun a little bit… but it cracked my younger brother up. And I guess it’s become a thing now. Make sure you’re in the right audience before you do it though, because some people will think you’re an idiot because it really WASN’T what she said. But once you’ve figured it out? It’s weirdly amusing. And the less sense it makes, the funnier it is.

Maybe that’s just me…

So when my mom tells me to set the table? Or get the hell out of bed and come downstairs to help clean? Or says to my dad, “Hey Tony, can you open this jar?” DROP THE TWSS BOMB (TWSS didn’t work like it does with F bomb…). You’d be surprised.

Go ahead and write it off, but you can’t knock it til you try it. I know I’m weird, but it might make you laugh. And laughing is good.



PS, That’s what she said.


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