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289 Reasons I Love You More Than Air.

  1. I love your amazingly sexy body. Hair and all.
  2. I love the fact that you always have room for the candy I eat, even when you’re more of a salty foods kinda person.
  3. I love the fact that you always have room for more food, period.
  4. I love when you’re brutally honest with me to the point that it catches me off guard. You don’t want to do something, you tell me.
  5. I love the way you wrestle with me. You’re not afraid to hurt me, and I’m not some fragile little girl to you.
  6. I love how you get grumpy with me when I accidentally tickle you.
  7. I love when you say exactly what I was thinking, even when it was completely random and out of the blue. Like after the first time we went to a casino, and we both wanted to go back, yet you said exactly what I was thinking without me having to say a word.
  8. I love being in public and sharing looks about the weirdos we see.
  9. I love when you go shopping with me and you don’t mind.
  10. I love how hardworking you are.
  11. I love the way you sometimes forget English.
  12. I love how you tease me for being a cat lady.
  13. I love the way you let me into your life, completely.
  14. I love the way you let me into your life without knowing how I would react.
  15. I love when we hug, you’re tall enough for my head to fit perfectly under your chin, right on your chest. And when I’m wearing heels, we barely know how to fit together.
  16. I love when I’m cold at night you don’t get mad for waking you half up to cuddle.
  17. I love when you tease me about hogging the bed, instead of getting (really) mad.
  18. I love that we won a fish, and immediately agreed on the name Whitey. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
  19. I love giraffe fights.
  20. I love the silver in your beard.
  21. I love how stubborn you are. Even when it makes me so angry, you wouldn’t be you without it.
  22. I love when you wait for me to fall asleep to leave.
  23. I love that you accept that I always run late.
  24. I love the way you get really into certain things. Computers or music or projects… the passion you show sometimes is absolutely breathtaking.
  25. I love the way we met.
  26. I love the fact that we can call each other weirdos and we don’t take it personally.
  27. I love the way you touch my face and play with my hair when I have a headache or had a bad day.
  28. I love planning to have 21 kids… 21 divided by 7 is 3 so…
  29. I love all of our weird inside jokes that no one else will ever understand.
  30. I love you put up with me calling you old. (You’re not actually old.)
  31. I love that I’ve told you secrets that I’ve never told anyone, and you probably judged me. But you loved me more for it.
  32. I love our list of places.
  33. I love falling asleep while you drive.
  34. I love that you teach me things, and for the first time in my life, I’m not too proud or stubborn or pissed off to deny that.
  35. I love that I took your FaceTime virginity.
  36. I love that you buy dinner.
  37. I love our 2 hour, leaning on a car, don’t want to say goodnight, make out sessions when we first got together.
  38. I love that you like me in glasses.
  39. I love that you get along with my family… almost better than I do sometimes.
  40. I love you for being the strongest person I know, whether you agree or not.
  41. I love that you accept my addiction to shoes, and only tease me about it every now and then.
  42. I love the way we disagree about your clothing size.
  43. I love when I get to keep you young by doing silly stuff. Like the zoo and pop concerts.
  44. I love the fact that you’ve taken more pictures with me than anyone.
  45. And the fact that I had to trick you into a lot of those pictures.
  46. I love how fucking handsome you are.
  47. I love the way you dance.
  48. I love how you do things for me I know you don’t want to do. Like watching chick flicks or listening to Ke$ha in the car.
  49. I love when you show me pictures of you when you were younger. Especially embarrassing ones. I won’t say anything about your headgear though.
  50. I love when you make my mom laugh.
  51. I love that you think I’m pretty. All the time.
  52. I love when you don’t get mad when I oversleep or refuse to move in the morning.
  53. I love when you dance in your car, and your entire body moves and you hit the steering wheel.
  54. I love that you aren’t grossed out when I fall asleep and drool on your chest.
  55. I love when you get giggly and tell me you love me in that adorable voice you use.
  56. I love how you kick ass at Monopoly. (See, I can admit it!)
  57. I love that you like hearing the songs I write, even if they suck and aren’t done.
  58. I love that you come to all my shows that you can. You’re pretty much my ultimate groupie. Also, my only groupie. Unless my mom counts.
  59. I love the fact that now I’m thinking about all the things I love about you and I can’t type fast enough to get everything out. This list might never end.
  60. I love knowing that you’ll always protect me.
  61. I love that you involve me in the stuff you like. Even if it’s going to new concerts, or listening to computer talk that I really don’t understand.
  62. I love that you have a past that makes me love you more.
  63. I love the way you think it’s funny to kiss me after you eat M&Ms.
  64. I love when you only judge me a little bit when I say something stupid.
  65. I love that you’re an incredible inspiration.
  66. I love your OCD.
  67. I love your ability to make me so angry and make me laugh at the same time.
  68. I love the way you have the weirdest catch phrases in the world… “It’s a baby!”
  69. I love sharing YouTube videos and laughing together.
  70. I love when you bought nice hand soap for your bathroom when I started coming over a lot.
  71. I love wearing your cat shirt to bed.
  72. I love how you’re really competitive… until you lose. Then you’re uninterested.
  73. And even if you do lose, or you do make a mistake, you admit it.
  74. I love that the first time we really hung out was for the Star Trek premier. Not ashamed.
  75. I love that sometimes, you don’t understand what I mean in the cutest ways. Like when I said I was going to cut the sleeves off a denim jacket, and you thought I meant short sleeved t-shirt length instead of as a vest.
  76. I love how you eat ice cream almost every night.
  77. I love that it’s not weird when I name our future children.
  78. I love when you laugh at your own lame jokes.
  79. I love when you also laugh at weird abbreviations and nicknames for things. Like BB’s and saying “swelc-y” instead of welcome.
  80. I love when I ask you what I should wear you actually get a little annoyed because I’m such a girl about it. Well, you’re such a boy.
  81. I love that I get to push you out of your comfort zone. Like buying a patterned belt and different shoes.
  82. I love you because we can finish each other’s sentences. And because sometimes we try to finish each other’s sentences and we’re completely wrong. And because sometimes we don’t even need to start sentences to know what the other is thinking.
  83. I love watching you when you’re working, and you don’t even realize how amazing you are.
  84. I love the way we can cuddle in almost any position and it’s not weird.
  85. I love being the big spoon and sticking my face between your shoulder blades.
  86. I love the way you smell.
  87. I love that when I was little, I dreamed of some prince charming sweeping me off my feet, and even my dream man wasn’t as awesome as you.
  88. I love your weird laughs.
  89. I love the way you are completely unique and you’re not afraid to let me see that.
  90. I love when you encourage my quirky little habits, like drawing random pictures and writing you notes like I’m in 7th grade.
  91. I love that you love my best friend, her fiancee, and their baby like your own.
  92. I love when you throw me around.
  93. I love your voice on the phone.
  94. I love the way your mouth tastes.
  95. I love the way your beard feels.
  96. I love when you kiss me in some weird way that no human should ever kiss in.
  97. I love when I have a bad dream you’ll hold me tighter.
  98. I love how you’re so fucking smart.
  99. I love how no matter how long we’re together, you still give me butterflies.
  100. I love that you’re my inspiration for love songs.
  101. I love that you’ll hold my hand and kiss me in public.
  102. I love the way that even when it feels like it could be the end, we would never let it be.
  103. I love the way you say I don’t have to ask if you can get dinner tonight, because you know I’m 95% of the time broke.
  104. I love you for being so awkward it’s almost not awkward anymore.
  105. I love you for reading Harry Potter for me.
  106. I love you for knowing when I say “I don’t want to see any humans ever again” that I don’t mean you.
  107. I love you because you can tell in a single text if something is wrong.
  108. I love that we’re content to just chill and go to bed by 10.
  109. I love your eyes. Especially when you smile.
  110. I love your smile.
  111. I love knowing that if I died tomorrow, I found my soulmate before I did.
  112. I love being able to surprise you in stupid little ways.
  113. I love that you are my last thought before I go to bed, and my first thought in the morning.
  114. I love that since we got close, I don’t remember a single dream where my love interest wasn’t you.
  115. I love giving you full body scratches.
  116. I love the way there are nights I go to bed knowing that my life is better than any chick flick.
  117. I love watching movies together than one of us hasn’t seen, and watching the other’s reaction.
  118. I love watching scary movies with you and knowing you’ll laugh when I jump.
  119. I love the way you know how to handle me perfectly. Angry, sad, quiet, anything.
  120. I love when you try to sexy text me.
  121. I love your tattoo.
  122. I love your weirdly hairy arms.
  123. I love that ridiculous voice you get when you’re singing a song that’s too high for you.
  124. I love you for dealing with the random shit I say, especially when I’m half asleep and it makes no sense.
  125. I love that you showed me what true love was.
  126. I love debating with you. Even when it ends with me getting legitimately mad at you.
  127. I love your lame puns and corny jokes. That are really only funny because of how hard you laugh at them.
  128. I love that you never call me annoying even though I know I am.
  129. I love when you call me baby or babes or Fi or anything.
  130. I love that we are living proof that opposites attract.
  131. I love that you’re my best friend AND my love.
  132. I love how mature you can be, and how completely immature you can be other times.
  133. I love how I can tell you’ll be the best father to our kids.
  134. I love when you show me all the little projects you’re working on.
  135. I love the way you can get me excited. About anything.
  136. I love that you have the balls to tell me when I’m being an idiot.
  137. I love how absolutely amazing you are.
  138. I love not being able to imagine a life without you..
  139. I love being able to tell you anything and everything.
  140. I love that you’re never boring.
  141. I love that you have your priorities straight.
  142. I love that look you get when you didn’t get enough sleep and you want to take a nap but you don’t want to fall asleep on me when we’re hanging out.
  143. I love when you remember my favorite candy.
  144. I love that we always share a Nerd’s Rope when one of us has one.
  145. I love when we laugh at racism.
  146. I love that you could be with so many people who are better than I am, but you chose me.
  147. I love your mohawk.
  148. I love messing up your mohawk.
  149. I love your unusual collection of glasses.
  150. I love the stupid faces I catch you making.
  151. I love making plans with you. Even if you can’t stand it.
  152. I love that you respect your parents.
  153. I love calling you a hipster.
  154. I love that your dream pet is a miniature giraffe. Because they’re real.
  155. I love how you’re always the first person done at dinner.
  156. I love being able to wrap my arms around your waist.
  157. I love how you use “I want to lick you like a salt lick” as a pickup line.
  158. I love you for the way you get when you listen to Phish.
  159. And the Disco Biscuits.
  160. And Grateful Dead.
  161. I love looking at baby animals and then looking at you, just for you to say “No, we can’t get one.”
  162. I love that our relationship started in the hands down most awkward way it could. Really, Foursquare?
  163. I love calling you a hippie.
  164. I love that my friends love you.
  165. I love that our babies are pretty much gonna be the hottest things in the world.
  166. I love that you have the sexiest sleepy voice ever.
  167. I love you because you don’t get mad at me for calling you repeatedly in the middle of the night because I had a bad dream.
  168. I love when you wake me up in the middle of night talking back to me when I talk in my sleep.
  169. I love that I can tell awful jokes and you still laugh. Or just look at me like, really?
  170. I love the way you grab me like you’re desperate not to let go.
  171. I love distracting you when you’re working on homework.
  172. I love constantly reminding you about silly little things, like a random conversation we had that made me smile, or a dumb picture we took.
  173. I love that you know exactly what makes me happy and when I need it most.
  174. I love your man hands.
  175. I love the way your hands get dirty and cut up when you work on cars.
  176. I love the way you argue when I say bad things about myself.
  177. I love how rough you can be yet how gentle you can be at other times.
  178. I love playing partnered games with you and making us lose because I pretty much suck at all games.
  179. I love that you are the first person to make me think I don’t want to die young.
  180. I love that you’re my reason to constantly check my phone.
  181. I love when you roll your eyes and sigh at me.
  182. I love taking your hoodies even when you warn me that I’m going to be cold.
  183. I love making you watch Disney movies and dumb comedies that no one else cares about.
  184. I love you even when your mohawk is messed up and you just woke up, because you’re the most beautiful thing in the world. Even at 8am.
  185. I love that you support my decisions. Even weird or kinda dumb ones.
  186. I love your little boy butt. Sorry.
  187. I love that I get turned on by you, even when you’re not trying. At all. Like, the opposite of trying.
  188. I love planning a future with you.
  189. I love that we could look at engagement rings on Pinterest together like what, 3 weeks into our relationship? and you didn’t run screaming.
  190. I love that you’re the first person I can tolerate telling me the shit I need to change.
  191. I love that you’ve cried for me.
  192. I love how when I wake up at 4am, with my light still on, half a text typed out on my phone, no matter how completely out of it I am, I think of you.
  193. I love the 9 years that don’t matter at all to us.
  194. I love talking to you on Facebook chat and texting at the same time.
  195. I love that I finally found someone mutually weird.
  196. I love it when I catch myself out with my friends and all I can talk about is you.
  197. I love showing you off.
  198. I love that you calm me down when I’m having a panic attack.
  199. I love your strange obsession with VW.
  200. I love listening to rain and watching thunderstorms with you.
  201. I love making plans with you to do all the silly little things each season. Like drive ins and swimming in the summer, and apple picking and hayrides in the fall. You’re the first person those really count with.
  202. I love that you keep me standing.
  203. I love actually being able to tell you when something pisses me off, because I know even if we fight, we’ll get through it.
  204. I love that I found such a miracle.
  205. I love that I see only you in a crowded room.
  206. I love waking up early to text you good luck or good morning, and you telling me to go back to sleep.
  207. I love reading our old conversations.
  208. I love seeing your contact in my notifications.
  209. I love when you yell at me for mumbling, when really you’re just going deaf.
  210. I love your smile being enough to get me through the day.
  211. I love when I haven’t seen you for a few days, I make an extra effort to do my make up and shave my legs and be pretty.
  212. I love when you sneeze and it turns into a weird tribal chant.
  213. I love laughing at texts from you then realizing I’m sitting by myself in a quiet room with a bunch of strangers who think I’m crazy.
  214. I love missing you the minute you leave, even when you’re still in my driveway.
  215. I love you bitching about my tiny bed.
  216. I’d still love you if you gained 200 pounds. I’d worry about you, but I would still love you.
  217. I love that it’s okay to talk about mostly gross stuff with you, even at dinner. I know you’re not about to lose your appetite.
  218. I love when something you eat is too hot and you yell about it. In restaurants.
  219. I love that you don’t even have to be anywhere near me to turn me on. Just the thought of you.
  220. I love seeing kids and staring at you with crazy eyes.
  221. I love that you’ve changed me in all the right ways.
  222. I love that you accept my constantly messy room.
  223. I love losing to you at air hockey.
  224. I love asking your permission to do things, and you acting like it’s the weirdest thing and that I never have to ask you.
  225. I love that you don’t get mad when my phone dies, even though I could’ve probably charged it before I left my house.
  226. I love that I don’t have to apologize for my dog jumping on you anymore.
  227. I love that, when I think about doing something (even little things, like grabbing Taco Bell for dinner), I know that it would be better with you there.
  228. I love finally understanding what Rascal Flatts really meant in that Broken Road song… All of my mistakes and hard times couldn’t have brought me to a better place. With you.
  229. I love knowing that you’ll always finish my food when I can’t.
  230. And knowing that you won’t get mad if I steal bites of whatever you have.
  231. I love that you chose me, even though you could easily do better.
  232. I love the way you mean it when you compliment me.
  233. I love you because you make everything in my life the very best it could be.
  234. I love that I would give you my life, if all you did is ask.
  235. And I love that you would never ask.
  236. I love you because you don’t say sorry unless you mean it.
  237. According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. I love you because you’re my other half.
  238. I love you because if all I had was you, and only you… I’d have more than enough.
  239. I love you because you don’t even realize how much you mean to me. Everything.
  240. I love your hatred for ham.
  241. I love you because if I couldn’t sing or write or play piano and I was totally tone deaf, you’d still listen to me try to sing.
  242. I love you for making me realize why people do crazy things for love, like jumping off a boat or throwing expensive jewelry into the ocean.
  243. I love knowing that no one will ever love you as fiercely as I do.
  244. I love listening to the radio and thinking, “He’d like this song. He’d hate this song. He probably doesn’t even know this song.”
  245. I love you for dealing with me when I get hormonal and my emotions are all over the place.
  246. I love you because the chances of us being together are so small and random and weird, that it MUST mean that we’re meant to be.
  247. I love the way you hold my hand in the car. Until you need to shift.
  248. I love falling asleep in the weirdest sleeping positions and it being totally okay.
  249. I love you because even when you have to wake up in the morning, if I need you or we get in a fight, you’ll stay up late to make sure it’s okay.
  250. I love the way you’re positively one of a kind.
  251. I love you because I didn’t realize how much of life I was missing until I met you.
  252. I love that all of your imperfections make you perfect.
  253. Also, that you’re just plain perfect.
  254. I love that you show me when you mean stuff, it’s not just words.
  255. I will still love if (when) you lose your hair.
  256. I love when you get really into a snack in the car or watching a movie and you get crumbs everywhere.
  257. I love that you always find time to text me, even when you have super crazy days.
  258. I love you for saving me from spiders. And sometimes fuzzies that look like spiders.
  259. I love when you laugh hard enough that you kind of lose control of your tongue.
  260. I love that wherever you are, is my home.
  261. I love that you don’t hold a grudge when I do silly and kind of mean things to you. Like mushing food on your face.
  262. I love that you really, genuinely listen to me.
  263. And when you don’t, I love when you say, “Sorry, but I really wasn’t listening to you at all.”
  264. I love that even past our “honeymoon phase”, when we fight and don’t want to make out all the time, you still make my heart skip a beat.
  265. And I love knowing that that whole, heart skipping a beat thing will never go away.
  266. I love you for the face you make when I warm up my hands under your shirt.
  267. I love you for asking me how things are on a scale from one to something that is not a number and in no way comparable to one.
  268. I love you for being a grump when I want to play in the rain and you don’t want to get your shoes wet.
  269. I love when holding hands turn into thumb wrestling matches. That I will always win.
  270. I love how you change socks before a concert.
  271. I love that you always offer to help, even if there’s nothing you can do.
  272. I love that when I ask what happened, you humor me with an explanation, even if it’s just you’re frustrated with math homework.
  273. I love you in buttons.
  274. I love you because you were there when everything was going accordingly to plan, and you were there when everything was completely falling apart.
  275. I love that I don’t have to be perfect to be perfect for you.
  276. I love sharing new music with you.
  277. I love you because sometimes I know I’m seeing a side of you that no one else deserves.
  278. And I love how special that makes me feel.
  279. I love that you’re okay with a simple date, or going all out. We have fun together no matter what.
  280. I love that even in light of my crappy past, you never made me feel bad about who I am. You were just there for me.
  281. I love that you are the first person to ever get me flowers with me having to drop a million hints. You just do it.
  282. I love hearing a love song and thinking, “He’d hate this music, but the words…”
  283. I love the way you secretly like things that you pretend to hate. Like taking pictures and tickle fights and the way I can’t stop telling you how handsome you are.
  284. I love that I KNOW you’re reading all of these. And probably getting pretend grumpy about me bringing some stuff up. Like your headgear and the way you make a mess when you eat sometimes.
  285. I love calling you grumpy. When you actually are, and when you’re not.
  286. I love doing weird dances and you not judging me. Because you do them too.
  287. I love your thighs.
  288. I love that you are literally the only person in the entire world that I would ever imagine giving them a full body scratch and actually scratching their butt.
  289. I love you for you.

There’s more to this list. There’s always going to be more that I can add. I probably could’ve kept going forever, but honestly, I’m kinda sleepy. Every single day is a reason to love you even more. Every day our love grows, and it makes me feel giddy and excited for our future. For the rest of our lives together. I know there have been times that I was so angry or frustrated with you that I didn’t think of any of these reasons to love you. There have been times where I just don’t think, period. There are a lot of times that I’ve made mistakes. Small ones and big ones. Really big ones. There have been times where I lost sight of some of these reasons. But I hope you know that I love you more than anything, even when I fuck up. Especially when I fuck up. This list is endless, and it will continue to grow as long as you’re willing to have me. You are my heart and soul, my world, my dreams, my absolute everything. And I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for when I lose sight of the incredible thing we have. I never mean to hurt you, even though I have. Please believe me though, when I say that I love you Ryan. More than air. ❤