Monthly Archives: April 2014

My pre-wedding vows.

I’m not getting married anytime soon. But I would like to make a few promises to the man I love… And I’m not waiting for a white dress for that. There are so many things I wish I could say, but there are no words for. I’d like to at least start with a few things I want my boyfriend to know, and some stuff I need to remind myself of. So here are the vows I can’t wait until my wedding day to make.


I promise to stop saying I’m done (about you or this relationship… No promises about work or school or my family).
I promise to keep trying, and to recognize how hard you try.
I promise to try to understand how you work, and to accept how different it is from the way I work.
I promise to take blame.
I promise to show you how much I love and need you, every day.
I promise to laugh at your jokes. Even the lame ones.
I promise to give you full body scratches, especially after long days.
I promise to stop and breathe every now and then.
I promise to stop saying things in anger.
I promise to keep in mind, even when you piss me off, how much better you make my life.
I promise to prove, even when I make mistakes, that I am trying my hardest.
I promise to give you what you deserve, which is the very best.
I promise to give you space when you need it.
I promise to be there even when you think you need space.
I promise to respect how hard you work, and how much you have on your plate.
I promise not to not tickle you right before bed when you have class or work in the morning.
I promise to refuse to let go.
I promise to treat you like the amazing, special, funny, smart, hardworking, handsome, kind and understanding man that you are.
I promise to not only tell you that I love you, but to show you in every way I know how.
I promise to remember that we have a lot to work on, and to remember that we have a lifetime to figure it out.
I promise to limit my teasing you for being old (er than I am…).
I promise to not take advantage of the awesome thing I found.
I promise to keep in mind all of the bullshit that we got through, and even though it seemed like the end of world at the time, we always make it out stronger.
I promise to always kiss you goodbye.
I promise to limit my use of “douche” “dick” and “asshole” when you make me mad.
I promise to love you endlessly.
I promise to never stop teaming up with you to make people uncomfortable and weirded out, especially my sister.
I promise to try my hardest to work things out with you before bed, so we don’t go to bed mad.
That being said, I promise to never underestimate the power of trying again in the morning.
I promise to be the best I can be to you.
I promise to never give up on the realest thing I know.
I promise to keep writing love songs about you.
I promise to never get lazy, or comfortable in our relationship (and I’m not talking about sweats, take out and Netflix).
I promise to always respect you.
I promise to treat you the way I would want to be treated myself.
I promise to try harder than I ever have to stay true to every single one of these vows. Because that’s what you deserve. Because I need you in my life.