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Dear iPhone,

You either need a better battery life or less fun apps, because it’s becoming a serious problem for me. Sooo I’m gonna write about apps that have kept my attention for more than a week. Which is pretty impressive for such an ADD little girl… Okay, here goes.

Social Networking: I know it’s pretty typical, but I do use these apps a lot. I have the normal ones like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. And I have a serious soft spot for anything I can check in in. So I’m a big fan of Foursquare (checking in places I go) and of GetGlue (checking in to shows and movies I watch). I run a lot of errands and I’m addicted to Netflix so it works out perfectly.

Bored games: They’re not board games, they’re games I play when I’m bored. If I have five minutes to kill or I’m in a waiting room or on a boring bus ride… These are perfect. There’s Milk the Cow (you literally milk a cow as fast as you can… It’s surprisingly amusing), Monsters Ate My Condo (super fun Japanese style game), Traffic Rush (my high score is 172, beat that!), Fruit Ninja (there’s only so much you can do with the free version but it’s still worth checking out), Flow (endless possibilities! I’ve lost more sleep than I’d like to admit because of this game…), Angry Birds (it’s a classic, it goes without saying), Temple Run (the new one is crazy legit and there’s always a new achievement to unlock), and Finger Slayer (this one sounds silly, but I play with my brother or boyfriend and test our reflexes. It’s a lot of fun and is always a laugh).

With Friends: I have a great time with these games, but they’re only fun if you have someone to use them with. Playing Words with Friends alone is weird and sad. But here are my favorites: Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Draw Something, Scramble with Friends and Snap Chat (probably the best thing you could do while drunk that is on your phone… Truth.). I don’t spend a lot of time playing these, but I have a partner for each game and friendly competition is always fun.

Music: I had more music apps, but I found I barely used them, so these are the ones that made the cut. Songza (their music concierge is awesome and there are playlists for any mood you’re in. At all. Ever.), Pandora (another good radio station app. If you’re not familiar with it, you put in a song or artist and it creates a station based on whatever you put in. Feeling some heavy metal? 90s pop? Musical theater? You will love this site.), Soundhound (my fave music recognition app. You hear a song you like but don’t know the name or artist?! Just let this app listen to it and it’ll recognize it for you. Very helpful.) and Band of the Day (it’s literally a calendar, and every day has a different up and coming musical artist. Very eclectic styles, and if you’re like me and always want to hear new music, I would highly recommend this. You can even see pictures and listen to samples through this app.).

Face changing apps: When I get sad or upset, I like to modify my face. I have an entire folder of apps in my phone titled, “Face off!” and it never fails to cheer me up. In there I’ve got: Baldify, Browify, Oldify, Fatify, Stache Bomb, Beardify, Trekify and Walking Dead’s Dead Yourself. Next time you’re feeling a little low, check these out. If you don’t want to see yourself 200 lbs overweight, creep that bitch in your English class’s Facebook and mess with her face. I promise you’ll feel better.

Real life: Okay, not real life… Real time. But I refuse to use the abbreviation RTS because I am not a gamer in any way, shape, or form. These are my favorite apps right now. I love that you have to wait to do things, and the higher the levels, the longer it takes, and using an actual money and trading system… Idk. It’s cool! I’ve been playing Clash of Clans, Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures, and Paradise Cove (I love this one but it can be a pain in the ass, so heads up). Super fun. Download them… You can join my claaaaaan!

CNN: If I’m going to read the news, I generally trust the CNN news app to get the information to me. Easy to use and not stupid hard to read, it informs me without being a hassle. I sometimes also use the AP Mobile app, but I found that one hard to read sometimes. The news is depressing so I mostly stick to practically living in a cave, but it’s nice to have on hand. And it’s definitely better than FOX News…

Family Feud and Friends: This is a good time passing game. You don’t need friends to play, but if anyone is connected to you and needs help, you can finish their fast money round. I’m obsessed with the game show on tv so it is really fun for me. And I don’t think I’ve gotten any repeat questions. So that’s cool..

Foodspotting: I am a serious foodie, and although not very many people use this app, I love it. When you find food you like, you post a picture, write a mini review, and tag it at the restaurant you’re at. If you need to find somewhere new to eat, you can check this app for local and popular places. With pictures and reviews, it’s helpful AND fun.

Timehop: This is just a quick daily thing, but it’s fun. You link it to any of your social networking sites and it shows you what you posted a year ago, two years ago, and even three years ago. It also has a fun feature that shows you news from that day in the past. It lets you know when your ‘timehop’ is ready, and I think it’s fun to just check it every day. Past me is fucked up, just saying.

White Noise: I have a hard time sleeping in complete silence. It might just be a quirky thing of mine, but falling asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm is so soothing. I have the free version, but I use the full version on my laptop. It’s really nice. You can set alarms or have the sound fade at a certain time. I appreciate it.

Flashlight: I know this one isn’t fun or even that important, but I keep it on my phone because it does come in handy sometimes. It barely takes up any space, it’s simple, and if you’re in the trunk of a car and you need to see what is making that scratching noise, you don’t want to wait for it to download.

My bank’s app: This one is pretty straightforward but it’s still important! I use ESL and their app is very well made. I love being able to check my balance or transfer money on the go so this app is a necessity for me.

Gas Buddy: I LOVE this app. No matter where you are, it can find the nearest gas station and the cheapest in the area. This app has saved me money and time. Plus it’s free, so no complaints there.

Camera timer: I don’t think everyone needs this, but even with a front facing camera, I like being able to set my phone down for a few pictures. Whether it’s group pictures at a party, trying to check my outfit without a full length mirror, or sending dirty pictures to my boyfriend (jk… maybe…), I’ve used this app enough to keep it on my phone.

RetailMeNot: AWESOME. It’s not some junky coupon site where you get expired ones or fake ones… You can search by category or search specific stores. It also gives each coupon a success rate so you can really see what you’re getting into. And who doesn’t like saving money?

JEFit: I’m not a very athletic person, but this app is pretty cool. I have a bikini readying workout that I’m doing to prep for summer, and this app is great for it. It has pictures and demonstrations of every exercise, plus written instructions. You can make routines, and even sort them by day. I didn’t do this, but you can enter your weight and height and everything to keep track of your workout. It’s pretty cool, even for a chick that couldn’t do 5 push-ups if her life depended on it.

Yelp: If you leave your house, EVER, get this app. Whether you’re on vacation and need to find something, or you’re home and just need a few ideas, it’s perfect. It has everything you could need to go out, and it’s easy to use and crazy helpful. It’s the newest addition to my app family, but I love it already.

So. Now you know exactly what’s on my phone. You know my views and you know a little more about me. Isn’t this fun?! Check out a few of these apps, and stay tuned for another blog soon!

PS, I went home sick from work today (I have a terrible cold and it’s kicking my ass), and I may or may not be blogging from my bathtub… I hope that’s not weird. And even if it is, I don’t think I care. 🙂