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Dear September,

Holy shit time flies. I suck at blogging. I haven’t even been posting music! I am stupid busy lately, but that is no excuse. If I find time to play Pet Rescue Saga, I could be writing a blog. I’ll do a quick recap on what’s been happening with me, then I’ll try reeaally hard to keep posting more regularly. So lets see. In the past month… I’m still dating Ryan, and I love him more than ever (this weekend is his 30th birthday and we’re going up to Niagara Falls and I can’t wait). I’m not back in school (stupid community college denied me financial aid, so fuck that). I am taking a few free online courses though, just because I need something to work on. Thankfully all of my out of town friends are back at school so I don’t sit at home and creep their Facebook pictures. Hmm what else… I rear ended someone like an idiot, went carless for a few weeks, but now! My grandma officially signed her car over to us so I have my own car! Eeee! This means no more worrying about grandma’s insurance AND I can finally put some bumper stickers on that mofo. I am quite proud of my 98 Chevy Lumina… It’s a pimp car. Pretty much nothing else is going on. My cousin got married, that was fun. My little brother is almost 18 and that’s weird. Love him to death but I never want him to legally be able to watch porn. Gross. I’m still writing when I get time, and I plan on auditioning for Peter Pan in a few weeks. I also have a show at the Bug Jar on the 19th. I will be shamelessly advertising that soon enough, so pretty much everyone in a 3 state radius should come… So music is going well. Okay. It’s almost noon and I’m still in bed and I’m hungry and have to pee soooo I’m going to bring this to an end. I promise to write more! Hell, even comment or message me suggestions for what you’d like to hear me ramble about. I’ll try my hardest to bring it up and it’ll be good motivation for me to get back on this wagon. I miss you!
Lots of love,
PS, Miley Cyrus. Wtf? If anyone ever says she is my celebrity look alike again, I will kill them.


Dear Ryan,

I woke up in your bed with you wearing one of your tshirts and you were too warm and you smelled like sleep and morning and bed and my arm was asleep under me and I didn’t have a pillow anymore but you were asleep and I didn’t want to move so I just kept quiet and thought about the way your beard tickles my shoulders and the way there’s no space between your chest and me and how our hands always find each other even when we’re sleeping and I looked at your hand on mine with the chipped pink nail polish and felt you almost snoring in my ear and thought, “This is it.”

I love you, Ryan.

PS. Never take anything for granted. That one perfect moment makes life beautiful. I’m lucky enough to have a man in my life that fills every day with moments like this.


Dear mother,

I don’t think I could fit everything I want to say about you in a Facebook status… I don’t even know if I can put it all into words for this blog. I guess I’ll just start off by saying, Happy Mother’s Day. And I love you, very very much. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. You are so strong, beautiful, smart, talented, incorruptible, supportive, and when the time comes for me to be a mother, I can only pray to be half the woman you are. You have helped me through every struggle (whether you know it or not) and you have been there to share every happy moment with me. I didn’t have time to look for a lot of old pictures, but here are a few of my favorites (and don’t get mad if you think some of them aren’t very flattering… I think you look good in all of them and I just wanted to post a little something for today):


ImageI love this one… If you can’t tell, I was a little nervous. But my mom would never let me fall. And that will always be true, no matter what. Plus, check out that super cool camera!ImageNo one judge me. Thanks for dealing with all of my weird phases I went through. And er, am still going through…


I know this one is asking to get smacked, but I love our friendship as well as our mother-daughter relationship, and this shows it really well.Image

Image🙂Image(Thank you for teaching me that family will always be there for you, no matter what.)ImageEspecially thank you for dealing with all of us and our crazy antics. Through many parties, mishaps, accidents, messes, spills, laughs, injuries, inappropriate jokes, and awkward moments, you still manage to say I love you to me (and you still let my friends come around!).Image



I love you so much mom, and I am lucky to have a mother as wonderful as you are! Happy Mother’s Day!



PS. You are beautiful.


You, You’re

For still talking to me when I go a little too far past the line between badass and weird.

Take the time, get to know me, don’t know what you’re thinking, boy.
Acting like I’m worth it when you don’t even know me, boy.
Falling closer, feeling farther, don’t know what I’m hoping for,
Other than you in my life, that’s for sure.
Like a crook you stole my heart, turned it around and made it yours,
Caught me right before I fell and hit the floor.
All I know is that I’ve never felt this way before,
‘Cause you, you’re the realest thing I know.

You, you’re crazy, for hanging out and sticking ’round.
You, you’re amazing. Making me smile, gimme butterflies.
You, you’re making me think I won’t be alone…
‘Cause you, you’re the realest thing I know.

A year ago I didn’t know, I never knew I would’ve fallen.
Not too fast, it’s in slow motion, time slows down with it comes to you.
Don’t wanna miss a single minute, memorizing everything,
To remember when I need to smile.
Broken pieces, you don’t mind. Sand me down, make me alright.
Save my life by being there, and you don’t even realize.
Give me warning so I don’t drown, when you decide you wanna go,
‘Cause you, you’re the realest thing I know.

You, you’re crazy, for hanging out and sticking ’round.
You, you’re amazing. Making me laugh, gimme butterflies.
You, you’re making me fall and it’s starting to show…
‘Cause you, you’re the realest thing I know.

I’ve had my share of big mistakes,
I’ve fucked up, I’ll walk away.
But this is new,
And I don’t wanna lose it.
You are, you are, you are…
You’re the realest thing I know.

You, you’re crazy, for hanging out and sticking ’round.
You, you’re amazing. Making me laugh, gimme butterflies.
You, you’re making me stop and say whoa,
‘Cause you, you’re the realest thing I know.

Dear inmates,

Okay. I know this post makes me a terrible person, I know it will offend people, and I KNOW I’m gonna get shit for it. Either way, here it is.

I have a game for you… This game is absolutely awful, but it is strangely addicting. It has amused a few of my friends and I for more time than I would like to admit. Here’s how you play:

1. Find a prisoner pen pal site. My personal favorite is WriteAPrisoner.com.
2. Read an inmates profile, check out their pictures, look at their “About So and So”, and definitely read their incarceration information.
3. Here’s the fun part. Guess what their crime is. Try to figure out what they’re in for. I know this is awful to do… But admit it. You’re kind if curious after reading all about them.
4. There should be a ‘See Crime’ link under their incarceration info. Now you get to see how far off you were. And trust me, you’ll be surprised. This is a true test of racism right here. My friends get really into it and bet on different crimes, even.
5. There are TONS if profiles, so I promise this game won’t get boring. You can just keep browsing and guessing and playing and being an awful person with me.

You’re welcome for bringing this wonderful pastime into your life.
Have fun,

PS, For those of you hating on me right now, come on. It crossed your mind to try it. Don’t even deny being curious.

Dear boys,

I have a question. When girls fall asleep on you like, watching tv or a movie or something, is it: A) Cute. That means she’s comfortable enough to pass out on your shoulder and you love cuddling. B) Rude. Bitch, we were watching a movie and you couldn’t even stay awake?! C) Awkward. Now your arm is asleep, the show’s over, and you can’t move. Or D) Some strange combination of all of these feelings. I’m curious!



PS, I won’t lie, I can’t help falling asleep almost every time I sit down to cuddle and watch something. My bad.

Dear crush,

Okay. I would like to pose a question to you. How do you know you like someone? Hell, how do you know you love someone? Is it gradual? Does it hit you all at once? I’m not asking for advice… I’m asking because I want to know what you think. What happens to you? Do you get butterflies? Or do you just sweat a lot… I mean, it happens.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I broke up with my boyfriend (I’m not gonna shit talk, it’s a completely different story, he’s insane), and I’ve been trying to get out there and hang out and be actually friendly/social. Mostly to dudes (OKAY. I am a flirt. I know it. But I don’t MEAN to be! I’m just friendly and I get along better with guys than girls)… and there’s this one guy, and he’s super cool. And I’m not about to DO anything about it, but I can’t help but think, “What if?”

So the question is, how do you know? At what point do you decide, “This is right.”?! To make this post a little more interested, I decided to Google the question, “How do you know if you like someone” and here’s the advice that I found:

  • Consider why you’re friends. That makes sense to me. If you only became friends with someone ’cause you felt bad for them, chances are you don’t like them.
  • Think about how you feel when you’re with them. Are you loved? Comfortable? Happy? Laughing? Fighting? Sad? Stressed? Shy? All of the above?!
  • Give yourself space. I love this one, no matter how hard it may be… when something you’re used to leaves your life, you really know how you felt about it. Whether it’s their goofy laugh or texting them each morning. It matters!
  • Be around other people! If all you see is just one person, of course you’re gonna get used to that. But if you hang out with loads of people and still can’t get that one person off your mind, that’s probably a sign.
  • Do stuff with them! Sure, a first few dates to the movies or whatever are nice to get to know someone, but I personally think being able to sit home and watch movies can make or break a relationship. Hell, washing the dishes together is a serious way to know if what you’re feeling is for real.
  • How often is this person on your mind? And are they the only one in it? If you’re doing something, and the smallest thing makes you go, “You know who would love this?” I would take that as a yes, you like them!
  • This one makes me smile: think about how often you laugh at their jokes. The website I’m on actually says, “When you like someone, you will find yourself laughing at things even if they aren’t that funny.” It’s true! And you know what else? When those things stop being funny, you should probably go back over this list…
  • BUTTERFLIES. Do you get them? Do you blush? Does your head reel? Does your heart race? Can’t concentrate? Are you nervous? Giddy? Smiling?
  • How closely do you listen? And how much do you remember? If someone has all of your attention, that’s generally a good thing. And it’s even better when you actually take to heart what they’re saying.

So that’s some pretty good stuff to think about… There’s a ton more stuff I could list, but a lot of it is personal. I laugh at your lame jokes, and I smile every time I get a text from you. You’re probably the only person in the world I try so hard to look pretty for when we SnapChat… I love the way you say good morning and immediately ask me how my cat and I are. I’m glad you appreciate what I do with my life, and I am EXTRA glad you don’t think my musical career is a waste of time. Almost every time I’m on Facebook, I somehow end up on your wall, or laughing at something you posted that showed up on my feed. I think you might possibly be the most handsome guy in the world, and I don’t care if anyone else agrees. I feel like I could be a complete idiot around you, and it’s okay with me! And you know what’s really important to me? You accept me and all of my creepiness. From how we met to somehow deciding we were getting married. If anyone else said ‘Goodnight creepy Fiona’ every night, I’d punch them in the mouth. All of these little things… All the stuff I can’t help thinking about, because you are what’s on my mind 98% of the time. Does that mean I like you?

I don’t know if I’m hesitant because I know I rush into things, that I ruin relationships, and I almost always end breaking hearts? Or if I’m just worried because you’re not my typical teenage angst filled crazy future frat boy that cries too much? I might be holding back because I KNOW I am not good enough for you. And even when you argue, I still know it. But just because we’re not right together doesn’t stop me from feeling what I feel. Especially lately. All those stupid love songs that say stuff like, “You’ve got me going crazy” or “I’m losing my mind because of you”? IT’S GROSSLY TRUE. Man. I can’t even complain either. Because when things go wrong (which is a lot), you’re the one that makes me smile. So thanks. Even if I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

Okay. Well. This post was surprisingly eye opening… I hope you get a kick out of it, and I’m serious! I want to know how you know! Are you married or in a long term relationship? Are you setting a record for time spent single? I know you’ve got something to say, so comment, and let’s chat!



PS, This blog is amazingly well written, and it came up in my Google search, so I really wanted to share it. Check it out!

PPS, Sooo… I think I like you. Sorry.