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Dear New York City,

It’s been a lot longer between posts than I planned, and for that I apologize. I was in New York City for a few days, for a family vacation. My sister moved there right after the New Year and this was our first visit. My mom has never been to the city before, and it was so cute to see how excited she was when we saw the skyline. I don’t know how it worked out, but somehow the directions my dad printed took us through Times Square. I don’t think my dad was a big fan of driving in that, but it was kind of cool to come through the Lincoln Tunnel and see all of those crazy buildings.

My sister lives in Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens), so we parked by her apartment and took the subway to the Queens Center Mall where she works. Which isnt some super fancy NYC mall, but I’ve never bee in a mall with more than 2 stories… Which sounds lame now that I think of it… Anyways, there was this silly little photo booth, and my whole family went in and we took pictures. And we all laughed and got along! Here they are:


^Us being models


^Us underwater


^A surprisingly nice family picture


^Us being zombies


^Us freezing.

The next two days we spent in Manhattan, doing all kinds of tourist-y sightseeing. We went in the Disney store, Toys R Us, the M&M store and Hershey store. All the lame fun stuff. We were on a really tight budget so we didn’t get to do stuff like go in the Empire State Building or any actual tours. But I had just as much fun walking around with my family. There was a Harry Potter exhibit in Times Square, and I literally almost passed out with excitement. We couldn’t afford to actually go in, but my dad had the genius idea of checking out the gift shop. SO WE DID. And holy shit… for such a Potter nerd, I was in heaven. My mom legit thought I was going to pee my pants. I got a Gryffindor shirt (represent!) and my parents got me a Sirius Black wanted poster (that I can’t have until my birthday next month, but I am not going to complain).

On Friday before we left, we stopped at a museum down the street from my sister’s place. Kaufman Astoria Studios (where Sesame Street is recorded). There’s a museum attached to it called The Museum of the Moving Image. We thought we’d get to kinda tour the studio and see where things were taped, but it was really just a museum. There was stuff about music videos and all the different kinds of cameras and recording equipment. It ended up being pretty cool. There was one section that was interactive. There were tables where you could make your own stop animation video. We had fun with that for a while. Then there was this thing, where you could record a 5 second clip of yourself, and have it turned into a flip book for $10. We got one of my little brother doing the goofiest dance in the world. It is now our official coffee table book. Our favorite part was this little room, where you could dub your own voice into clips from movies. The screen would count down, then you would say the line with the character. Afterwards, it would play it back with your voice in it instead. My siblings and I used weird voices and made three clips. I recorded the screen on my phone, so maybe I’ll post those later… We were all crying with laughter. It was really fun.

I miss my sister so much, and even when I want to kill her, it’s hard having her live so far away. I’m really glad we got the chance to visit. I had a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again. I know, I’m actually looking forward to a family vacation. What has come over me?!

‘Til next time,


PS, here are a few more random pictures from the trip.


^Our view driving in to the city!


^On our way!


^The Lincoln Tunnel




^Mommy and I!


^A touch screen vending machine… NYC is so fancy.


^Bubble tea ❤







^Trump Tower!



^At the Museum of the Moving Image