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Dear Pat Benatar,

So the other night, I went to see Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar in concert. And to say the least, it is NOT what I was expecting. My older brother works at a radio station and happened to get 2 lawn tickets. I had wanted to go, but $40 for lawn seemed a little silly, so it was a very happy coincidence that my bro got free tickets! Anyways, I just wanted to share my opinion of the show, just in case for some reason you end up at a Rick Springfield/Pat Benatar concert and you’re thinking of me.


First off, there was some guy opening for them. William Beckett. He used to be in The Academy Is… but he was doing his solo stuff this time. It was just him and an acoustic guitar. Now, don’t get me wrong, he sounded pretty good! But I ended up leaving halfway through the second song to get food because I was bored. He had a 30-40 minute opening set, and he only played 4 or 5 songs, because he talked so damn much! Come on dude! As an acoustic, solo act, I know better than to do that. You have a very short time to impress the audience as much as possible, and you don’t do that by talking for 10 minutes before each song. Also, another common problem with acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriters: almost all of the songs sounded the same. Not exactly the same, but very very similar. I was unimpressed. If they wanted an acoustic singer-songwriter, I would’ve totally volunteered and blown this guy out of the water. I’m sure he has a wonderful personality though.


After Mr. Beckett, Rick Springfield came on but I’m going to save his part of this review for the end (as they should have done with the show).


Pat Benatar. I like her a lot. She’s a female rock/pop singer, and I get a lot of inspiration from female rock/pop singers. And really, who hasn’t rocked out to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”? And even though Pat doesn’t know it, we have a lot in common, her and I. She was classically trained before she turned to rock, as was I. She has rocked some pretty short hair, just like me. We also have a common interest in spandex. So yeah, I’m a fan. And even as a fan, I was about ready to leave during her portion of the concert. Which makes me really sad. She can still sing! I mean, I could hear her age in her voice, but she still had all the notes, and at 61, that’s impressive. But she didn’t really move very much. Which is always a buzz kill. And she didn’t have a stage show. At all. She had a full screen and what looked like an elaborate set up, but it just had the logo for the 35th anniversary tour on it the whoooole time. And what may be my biggest concert pet peeve: SHE TALKED TOO MUCH. She was performing with her husband, Neil Giraldo, and between the two of them I was almost talked to death. I didn’t know half of the songs she performed, but I do now know the backstory behind all of them… I should’ve listened to my mom when she told me she fell asleep at a Pat Benatar concert. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Heartbreaker” and “Love is a Battlefield” were obviously the highlights, “We Belong” felt a little weird, and I really enjoyed “Hell is for Children”. But still, it was a slow show to say the least.


Now Rick Springfield… He completely, 100% stole the evening (as well as my heart). First off, that man is 65 years old and he is RIPPED and he was running around like a 20 year old the entire time. He was running back forth on the stage, he was out in the audience for a while… And I don’t mean, making a quick lap. He was deep into the crowd for at least a full song. He had members of the audience sing the signature line in “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, and he even put a security guard on the spot to sing a little bit. He also brought a little 9 year old girl up on stage with him and danced with her. And the best part of him being so active, was HE was enjoying it. It wasn’t just a show to him, he was having fun. That’s so cool to see. He also did a few covers that totally rocked. He goes “Now, I can appreciate a good girl’s anthem…” and jumps into Katy Perry’s “Roar”. Like, did you see that coming? ‘Cause I didn’t. He also did a little bit of “Wild Thing” and of course everyone loved that. At one point, he picked up his guitar and was like, “I haven’t played this thing in a while” and rips a big fat solo on it! Coming from the guy who did “Jessie’s Girl” I didn’t expect him to be able to shred like that. Damn. He teased us a few times with the intro riff for “Jessie’s Girl, but of course he saved it for his encore. Before they came back out they showed a montage of all the TV shows and movies that have featured “Jessie’s Girl” (which is a lot). He was so much fun and made the evening worth it. Well, I mean free tickets made the evening worth it. But even without that, he was awesome.


So. I mean. It was a good show. It was slow at points, but overall I had a really good time and got to see a few classics. Plus I had some pretty decent mac and cheese balls. And it was nice to go to a concert with just my big brother (most of the shows we go to are with the family or a group of friends).


How’d I do with my first official concert review? I go to a bunch of shows and I’d love to keep sharing my (usually very strong and judgmental) opinions if you want to keep reading them. And if you aren’t digging the reviews, let me know what you want to read instead!


So much love,



PS. This isn’t from the show I was at, but here’s Rick covering Katy Perry: