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Dear September,

Holy shit time flies. I suck at blogging. I haven’t even been posting music! I am stupid busy lately, but that is no excuse. If I find time to play Pet Rescue Saga, I could be writing a blog. I’ll do a quick recap on what’s been happening with me, then I’ll try reeaally hard to keep posting more regularly. So lets see. In the past month… I’m still dating Ryan, and I love him more than ever (this weekend is his 30th birthday and we’re going up to Niagara Falls and I can’t wait). I’m not back in school (stupid community college denied me financial aid, so fuck that). I am taking a few free online courses though, just because I need something to work on. Thankfully all of my out of town friends are back at school so I don’t sit at home and creep their Facebook pictures. Hmm what else… I rear ended someone like an idiot, went carless for a few weeks, but now! My grandma officially signed her car over to us so I have my own car! Eeee! This means no more worrying about grandma’s insurance AND I can finally put some bumper stickers on that mofo. I am quite proud of my 98 Chevy Lumina… It’s a pimp car. Pretty much nothing else is going on. My cousin got married, that was fun. My little brother is almost 18 and that’s weird. Love him to death but I never want him to legally be able to watch porn. Gross. I’m still writing when I get time, and I plan on auditioning for Peter Pan in a few weeks. I also have a show at the Bug Jar on the 19th. I will be shamelessly advertising that soon enough, so pretty much everyone in a 3 state radius should come… So music is going well. Okay. It’s almost noon and I’m still in bed and I’m hungry and have to pee soooo I’m going to bring this to an end. I promise to write more! Hell, even comment or message me suggestions for what you’d like to hear me ramble about. I’ll try my hardest to bring it up and it’ll be good motivation for me to get back on this wagon. I miss you!
Lots of love,
PS, Miley Cyrus. Wtf? If anyone ever says she is my celebrity look alike again, I will kill them.


Dear Ryan,

I woke up in your bed with you wearing one of your tshirts and you were too warm and you smelled like sleep and morning and bed and my arm was asleep under me and I didn’t have a pillow anymore but you were asleep and I didn’t want to move so I just kept quiet and thought about the way your beard tickles my shoulders and the way there’s no space between your chest and me and how our hands always find each other even when we’re sleeping and I looked at your hand on mine with the chipped pink nail polish and felt you almost snoring in my ear and thought, “This is it.”

I love you, Ryan.

PS. Never take anything for granted. That one perfect moment makes life beautiful. I’m lucky enough to have a man in my life that fills every day with moments like this.


Need Me Too

It’s like a closed door I can see through.
It’s a chance we need to take, but you don’t want to.
It’s running out of time, and I’m running out of faith in you.

Who are you gonna turn to once you’ve pushed me away?
Whose shoulder will you cry on when it’s a day too late?
Who will hold your hand because I can’t stay?
I need you, and you need me too.

Everyday’s a struggle and I want to be there,
But if every time is my fault, that’s not fair.
I try to hold myself together, but I’m going under.

Who are you gonna turn to once you’ve pushed me away?
Whose shoulder will you cry on when it’s a day too late?
Who will hold your hand because I can’t stay?
I need you, and you need me too.

You promised me we’d work this out,
But a year later and you’re going nowhere.
You promised me through all my doubt,
But a promise means nothing if you don’t mean it.
I need you to mean it.
I need you to need it, like I need you.

Who are you gonna turn to once you’ve pushed me away?
Whose shoulder will you cry on when it’s a day too late?
Who will hold your hand because I can’t stay?
I need you, and you need me too.

Who are you gonna turn to once you’ve pushed me away?
Whose shoulder will you cry on when it’s a day too late?
Who will hold your hand because I can’t stay?
I need you, and you need me too.
I need you, but you need me too.

Dear that’s what she said jokes,

I will ALWAYS laugh at a good that’s what she said joke. But no matter how perverted your mind is, you have to admit that the line is getting tired. IT IS A CLASSIC. But sometimes you just wanna hit the guy that says it.


I have put a new (terribly obnoxious) twist on this joke. My mother officially hates it, but it makes me giggle, so I am here to share it with you: I say it to things that make absolutely NO SENSE. You’re probably thinking, “That’s not funny at all.” And you’re right… at first.

It all started on a family vacation when I had a few drinks and was raring to drop the infamous line. So I might’ve jumped the gun a little bit… but it cracked my younger brother up. And I guess it’s become a thing now. Make sure you’re in the right audience before you do it though, because some people will think you’re an idiot because it really WASN’T what she said. But once you’ve figured it out? It’s weirdly amusing. And the less sense it makes, the funnier it is.

Maybe that’s just me…

So when my mom tells me to set the table? Or get the hell out of bed and come downstairs to help clean? Or says to my dad, “Hey Tony, can you open this jar?” DROP THE TWSS BOMB (TWSS didn’t work like it does with F bomb…). You’d be surprised.

Go ahead and write it off, but you can’t knock it til you try it. I know I’m weird, but it might make you laugh. And laughing is good.



PS, That’s what she said.

Dear boys,

I have a question. When girls fall asleep on you like, watching tv or a movie or something, is it: A) Cute. That means she’s comfortable enough to pass out on your shoulder and you love cuddling. B) Rude. Bitch, we were watching a movie and you couldn’t even stay awake?! C) Awkward. Now your arm is asleep, the show’s over, and you can’t move. Or D) Some strange combination of all of these feelings. I’m curious!



PS, I won’t lie, I can’t help falling asleep almost every time I sit down to cuddle and watch something. My bad.

Dear New York City,

It’s been a lot longer between posts than I planned, and for that I apologize. I was in New York City for a few days, for a family vacation. My sister moved there right after the New Year and this was our first visit. My mom has never been to the city before, and it was so cute to see how excited she was when we saw the skyline. I don’t know how it worked out, but somehow the directions my dad printed took us through Times Square. I don’t think my dad was a big fan of driving in that, but it was kind of cool to come through the Lincoln Tunnel and see all of those crazy buildings.

My sister lives in Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens), so we parked by her apartment and took the subway to the Queens Center Mall where she works. Which isnt some super fancy NYC mall, but I’ve never bee in a mall with more than 2 stories… Which sounds lame now that I think of it… Anyways, there was this silly little photo booth, and my whole family went in and we took pictures. And we all laughed and got along! Here they are:


^Us being models


^Us underwater


^A surprisingly nice family picture


^Us being zombies


^Us freezing.

The next two days we spent in Manhattan, doing all kinds of tourist-y sightseeing. We went in the Disney store, Toys R Us, the M&M store and Hershey store. All the lame fun stuff. We were on a really tight budget so we didn’t get to do stuff like go in the Empire State Building or any actual tours. But I had just as much fun walking around with my family. There was a Harry Potter exhibit in Times Square, and I literally almost passed out with excitement. We couldn’t afford to actually go in, but my dad had the genius idea of checking out the gift shop. SO WE DID. And holy shit… for such a Potter nerd, I was in heaven. My mom legit thought I was going to pee my pants. I got a Gryffindor shirt (represent!) and my parents got me a Sirius Black wanted poster (that I can’t have until my birthday next month, but I am not going to complain).

On Friday before we left, we stopped at a museum down the street from my sister’s place. Kaufman Astoria Studios (where Sesame Street is recorded). There’s a museum attached to it called The Museum of the Moving Image. We thought we’d get to kinda tour the studio and see where things were taped, but it was really just a museum. There was stuff about music videos and all the different kinds of cameras and recording equipment. It ended up being pretty cool. There was one section that was interactive. There were tables where you could make your own stop animation video. We had fun with that for a while. Then there was this thing, where you could record a 5 second clip of yourself, and have it turned into a flip book for $10. We got one of my little brother doing the goofiest dance in the world. It is now our official coffee table book. Our favorite part was this little room, where you could dub your own voice into clips from movies. The screen would count down, then you would say the line with the character. Afterwards, it would play it back with your voice in it instead. My siblings and I used weird voices and made three clips. I recorded the screen on my phone, so maybe I’ll post those later… We were all crying with laughter. It was really fun.

I miss my sister so much, and even when I want to kill her, it’s hard having her live so far away. I’m really glad we got the chance to visit. I had a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again. I know, I’m actually looking forward to a family vacation. What has come over me?!

‘Til next time,


PS, here are a few more random pictures from the trip.


^Our view driving in to the city!


^On our way!


^The Lincoln Tunnel




^Mommy and I!


^A touch screen vending machine… NYC is so fancy.


^Bubble tea ❤







^Trump Tower!



^At the Museum of the Moving Image


Dear Easter,

The spring-time holiday is nearly upon us, so I figured I could write a blog about my Easter traditions. Some of them are pretty normal, and some of them may be a little unique just to my family. And there is nothing wrong with that! So yet again, I’m going to break out a list (I’m sorry, it’s just the way my mind works!). Oh, and my siblings are Ryan (he’s 30), Aurora (she’s 27), me (I’m 20) and my little brother Sterling (who is 17). Just so you know for reference when I say, “my siblings.”

  1. The first thing we do for Easter prep is hang up our decorations. We don’t get crazy, just enough so you know we care. We have little bunnies, chicks, eggs and other small spring decorations. My favorite decorations are the fancy egg shells we hang from our kitchen light (they’re dyed eggs, with the actual egg part taken out… and then there’s gold lace and beads on them and they’re so pretty and delicate… I love them!). We also do this thing every holiday that I like to call the Wall of Fame. We’ve had four kids go through elementary school art. That means a lot of projects. For Easter we have painted eggs on poster board. We’re badass. (When I was little, my art teacher told us to put things about us on our eggs… so I put my phone number. Truth.)
  2. After we’re all decorated, my cousins and grandparents and stuff come over and we dye our Easter eggs. Now that everyone’s getting a little older and kind of moving away, our party has gotten smaller, but we always have a good time. My family is loads of fun so it’s always a laugh. I’ll probably be posting pictures in one of my next few blogs of this 🙂
  3. On Easter Eve, all of my siblings and parents and I make a point of getting together our Easter baskets. We put the grass in, and all choose a few of our favorite dyed eggs to put in there. It just takes a few minutes, but my Easter Eve would be empty without basket prep.
  4. When we wake up (which is always ridiculous early… I am SO not a morning person.), the four kids walk down the stairs in our PJs while my dad breaks out the camcorder for home movies. We look EVERYWHERE for our baskets that the Easter Bunny hid. After so many years of hiding baskets though, my parents have to get creative. It’s always a running joke with my family that I give away hiding spots, because when I was younger I would always find baskets and think they were mine… when they really weren’t. My older siblings hated it.
  5. When I was younger, in addition to Easter baskets, we would each get an Easter book. Not like, related to Easter. Just a normal book, given as a gift for Easter. I have countless books that say “Happy Easter 1999 (or whatever year) Fio! Love, Mom and Dad.” We don’t really do that anymore because money is kinda tight, but when I have kids I would really like to continue that tradition.
  6. After Easter baskets and books are found and explored, our traditional Easter breakfast is monkey bread. Which is a delicious cinnamon and brown sugar baked thing made of love. I’ll post the recipe later!
  7. Easter Sunday is one of the Sundays that we ALL (well, not my dad, but he never comes with us) dress up and go to church. I’m not normally a big church goer (that is a separate post entirely…), but I was raised in this church and I will most definitely make an effort, especially for holidays. We put on our Sunday best and load up the car to go to church. It’s nice to have the family all together for stuff like that.
  8. When we get back from church, we take family pictures. When the weather’s nice (in Rochester, you never know if it’s going to be snowing on Easter or sunny and 70 degrees), we take them outside, but otherwise we do it in our formal living room. We do each kid, then all together, and then pictures with the parents. This picture (this was on the front page of Reddit, is on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com and all sorts of fun places… I’ll take it as my 10 minutes of fame!) was actually from Easter of last year:


    9.  Now that all the fun of church and pictures is done, we have to start getting ready for Easter dinner, which is a big deal, considering how much my family likes food. We make ham every year. The whole family comes over and we set our table all nice, and we go for it. It’s really busy, but fun. I love my family, so I really like holidays that bring as all together. Especially with food.

That’s pretty much my Easter weekend. It’s really enjoyable. And this year, my boyfriend is coming for the first time… I’m nervous for him. He’s met a few people in my extended family, but never like cousins or anything. And he’s definitely never come to church with me before. I think it’ll work out, and I’m excited. I wish I wasn’t sick, but I think the weekend can be salvaged. So these are my Easter traditions, and I promise I’ll be posting pictures of the holiday as soon as I can get a chance. Also, do you have any fun or interesting Easter traditions? Comment! I’d love to know what people other than my crazy family do 🙂



PS, here’s the monkey bread recipe!

You’ll need:

  • 3 cans of Pillsbury biscuits
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • a bundt pan

And here’s what you do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350degrees F.
  2. Make a cinnamon/sugar mixture to taste.
  3. Open and cut each biscuit into quarters
  4. Roll biscuit pieces in cinnamon/sugar mixture until even coated. Place evenly around a GREASED (trust me, you’ll want it greased) bundt pan.
  5. In a sauce pan, melt butter, brown sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon until smooth and creamy.
  6. Pour melted butter/brown sugar/cinnamon mixture over biscuits.
  7. Place in the oven for around 30 minutes, or until the cake is slightly crunchy on top.
  8. Remove from the oven.
  9. Place a plate on top of the bundt pan (upside down) and flip so the cake falls out onto the plate.
  10. ENJOY!